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Finger techniques

How to finger a Girl

How to finger a Girl

Knowing and practicing good finger techniques when fingering a girl is important to her sexual pleasure. There is no one set way to practice fingering a girl, but there are certain tips and general rules of thumb that should be kept in mind. Good techniques are all about patience, gentleness, and a willingness to please one’s partner.

First of all, one should be sure to be gentle. Many times, when men practice women fingerings, they jab and poke at the vagina in a way that is definitely not sexy! Rather than bringing the woman pleasure, it often brings her a great deal of pain, squirming, and general discomfort. Men, then, should practice gentleness. Rubbing the vagina and clitoris first is a great start, and then one can slowly ease into his finger techniques. Of course, one should not insert any fingers into the vagina unless the girl is comfortable witht his and unless her vagina is wet or well lubricated. Inserting fingers into a dry vagina will not prove comfortable and will not feel good to the girl.

Many men and women enjoy the feelings of girl ass fingering and find this pleasurable. With girl ass fingering, however, it is important to ask the girl if she is comfortable with this beforehand. Surprising her with a finger in her rectum is not a good idea. Some girls and women are completely against any type of anal sex or play, so it is important to know where one’s lover stands on these matters. One should not try to force or coerce his partner into doing anything she is uncomfortable with. If a girl or woman is not interested in a particular sexual act, there are a lot more that one can try out, so there is no need to badger her into trying something. This will make her distrustful of her partner and will not lead to pleasurable sex or foreplay.

Good girl fingering techniques should involve a lot of rubbing and plenty of clitoral stimulation. One should not be afraid to ask his partner what she enjoys sexually and how and where she likes to be rubbed. It is also a good idea never to penetrate one’s vagina without being sure that one’s partner is comfortable with this. If she is, one should start with just one finger when practicing girl fingering techniques Depending upon a girl’s comfort level and her tightness, one can insert another or even more fingers. The amount of fingers, if any, that a woman is comfortable with will vary from woman to woman.

If the purpose of the fingering is for it to lead to sexual intercourse or other sexual activity, it is important that one does not rush through this. One should also not make it seem as though the pleasure he is providing through fingering is simply a means to an end or a way to get his own sexual pleasure. This is obvious to women, and in most cases, makes them feel used or as though their pleasure is not truly important. Following these simple rules will lead to one having wonderful, impressive finger techniques. | RSS | Sitemap
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